Laado 2 serial review: Meghna Malik, Avika Gor, Palak Jain’s hard-hitting socio-drama is the need of the hour

The first season of Laado was a huge success among the audience. The show highlighted female infanticide and misogyny in the country. Meghna Malik became popular for her role of Ammaji. The second season also focuses on injustice against women and all the social evils. Though I would like to warn you in the beginning that certain scenes in the show are cringe-worthy. It’s very straight-forward and real but the tables have turned this season. Ammaji plays a positive role this season as she raises her two granddaughters, Anushka (Avika Gor) and Jhanvi (Palak Jain). She moved with her grandkids away from Veerpur for a new beginning of her life.

You’ll see Ammaji conducting satsangs and bhajans in the new show while living in the shadows of her past, which she has kept a secret from her granddaughters. Veerpur is now a male-dominated village where women are treated like objects. While Avika plays the role of this strong, bindaas girl who is pursuing a degree in law and stands up for what is right, Palak plays the gharelu girl, who obeys Ammaji without arguing about anything. She is the innocent one and definitely the one who will be responsible in bringing back the old Ammaji.

What’s hot

The scenes and dialogues are real, to the point even if it’s a harsh reality. A young woman who sets off with her parents to get married is being kidnapped only to marry her off to an old guy. Young girls are asked to flaunt their bosoms to impress people of a higher authority or importance in the village at a function. We’re glad that the makers are doing justice to the main plot and are making the show hard-hitting, just like the previous season.

Avika and Palak’s camaraderie in the show, as sisters, is damn cute. So is Meghna and Avika’s relationship. To be honest, we really missed the badass Ammaji but hoping to see her back in action pretty soon. The first episode was hard-hitting even though they only portrayed the harsh reality of certain parts of the country instead of showing heroics acts or putting across a point through dialogues. Laado Episode

What’s not

Ammaji’s ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitutde was the highlight of the first season. The first episode shows a rather scared version of her. We see Ammaji running away from her past to protect her grandchildren. Avika’s entry could have been written better. There were too many loopholes in one scene.


Laado Season 2 is as hard-hitting as the first one and the episodes to come are definitely going to be worth it. The cast has a lot of pressure and expectations from the audience after the success of the first season. We think they’ll pretty much exceed expectations. Do not miss this show. Did you watch the first episode? Post your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned with us for more.